Backup Exec – Backup strategi

Backup Exec 11d Best Practices Guide: Backup Strategies


The Symantec Backup Exec Administrator’s Guide is an excellent resource for the planning and implementation of backup strategies. The information in this document is provided as a supplement to the Administrator’s Guide, Chapter 7 Preparing for Backup. For more information regarding the terms and usage used in this document, please refer to the Administrator’s Guide.

The following Best Practices will help ensure smooth operations when using Backup Exec:

  • It is recommended that append jobs be limited in that an appended set of tapes does not become excessive.  If a tape is missing from that appended set, it can be difficult to rebuild the catalog for that set of tapes.
  • If append jobs are used, do not allow earlier tapes in that set to be overwritten; again this will make rebuilding the catalog of these tapes difficult.
  • Although it is recommended to set the Overwrite Protection Period on a media set long enough to meet your recovery needs, infinite overwrite protection will require large amounts of tape/disk capacity, or will require manual intervention to overwrite protected tapes.
  • The default setting for media management is for it to use new media before using previously used media.  When using backup-to-disk (B2D), this can cause new  B2D files to continue to be created until the disk is full rather than overwriting unneeded files.
  • When using B2D for backups, it is recommended to use the setting “Preallocate” to avoid excessive disk fragmentation; however, it is important to remember this feature will reserve the amount of disk space specified regardless of how much data is being backed up. (If a large size is specified, but a small data set is backed up, this may result is large amounts of wasted space)