Problemer med “forslag til kontaktpersoner”

Auto-complete in Outlook 2010 missing after migration to Office 365

Step One: Close Outlook

Step Two: Browse to the RoamCache where the auto-complete file is stored. (location is C:\Users\%username%\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Outlook\RoamCache

Step Three: Rename RoamCache to old_RoamCache

Step Four: Open Outlook, and create a new email and put a valid email address in the to. .field. Close the new email (you don’t need to save ). Close Outlook

Step Five:  Step four creates a new Stream_Autocomplete_long GUID….xx.dat file in a new RoamCache folder.

Step Six: Change the extension of the file in Step 5 from .dat to .dat22

Step Seven: Copy the original Stream_Autocomplete…from old_RoamCache & paste into theRoamCache folder

Step Eight: Copy the GUID string from the .dat22 and replace the GUID of your previous Stream_AutoComplete

Step Nine: Open Outlook, all of your previous auto-complete entries are now available.