Properly copy profiles on a Windows PC

Section A – User Profiles
This step will apply primarily to users that are inheriting the old computer.
You can also follow this procedure if you wish more then one user to have identical desktops on the same machine.
In order for the new user to have good desktop settings and provide a good starting point for customizing the desktop to fit the new user’s needs follow these steps:

1. In Control Panel, start Users program and add the new user.
2. Log off the current user and log on as new user.
This will create new user’s profile with a minimal desktop and not include all the desktop icons as the users profile you will copy.
3. Open My Computer and go to Tools on the menu bar. Click on Folder Options. Click on the View tab. Under Advanced Settings select the following:
Show hidden files and folders.”

Hide File extensions for know file types.
Hide protected operating system files.”
Click  Apply then OK. Close My Computer.”

4. Log off the new user
5. Log on using the old user account and repeat step 3 then log off
6. Log on as administrator.
7. Right click on My Computer and choose Properties.
8. Click on User Profiles Tab.
9. Click on the user profile you wish to use for the new user and choose Copy.
10.Click on Browse and copy the profile to the folder of the new user located at “C:Documents and Settingsnewuser.” Click “OK.” Answer “Yes” when asked if you want to replace the user profile.
In the “Permitted to use” block select “Everyone”..
11.Log off the administrator and log on as the new user. The desktop and icons should look the   same as the user profile you copied.
12.Reinstall software as needed to establish registry hooks and icons.
13.Customize the new users desktop to reflect their previous desktop or to the users request.
14.Test the programs and printers.